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Feb 12, 21
Common Iontophoresis Problems Solved: Secrets to Sweat-Free Success
Trying to obtain the dryness you deserve? Read about some common mistakes that occur while treating underarm hyperhidrosis with iontophoresis—and how to solve them!
Feb 03, 21
Sweaty Memes
Take a look at the winning memes from our 2021 Sweaty Memes competition! Browse through our gallery of sweat and hyperhidrosis related memes!
Jan 25, 21
Tips for a Sweat-Free New Year
Do you have a sweat-free new year's resolution? No sweat, we're here to help you achieve all your goals! Read our tips and guidance for a sweat-free 2021 and beyond.
Jan 18, 21
Dermadry's Sweaty Memes Contest 2021
Our second edition of Dermadry's Sweaty Memes contest is here. Submit your hyperhidrosis meme to win $500 + Dermadry's anti-sweat device!
Jan 08, 21
Common Iontophoresis Problems Solved: Sweaty Fashionista
Are underarm sweat stains stopping you from wearing what you want? Read about some common mistakes that occur while treating underarm hyperhidrosis with iontophoresis—and how to solve them!
Dec 08, 20
Dear Santa 2020
Write a letter to Santa telling him why you want a Dermadry for Christmas, and you could win one in time for the holidays!
Nov 30, 20
Hyperhidrosis Resources
Discover hyperhidrosis resources, such as forums, blogs, and groups dedicated to those suffering from hyperhidrosis.
Nov 23, 20
In Conversation with Dr. Amy Shah, MD
Dermadry spoke with wellness expert and double-board-certified Dr. Amy Shah, MD to learn more about her experience with her hyperhidrosis patients, and her unique insight on treating excessive sweating.
Nov 16, 20
Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month 2020
Learn more about Dermadry's initiatives for the Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month 2020.
Nov 09, 20
In Conversation with Dermatologist Dr. Robert Strimling, MD

Dr. Robert Strimling shares his tips on dealing with hyperhidrosis, stemming from his expertise achieved through his 30+ year dermatology career. 

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